May 2017 update...

We're still here!! Yes, keeping a little bit of a low profile while we workshop, practise and polish up our new songs ready for recording... (all the while nurturing our lovely children, families, garden, friends and

It's happening early July and we'll be heading out of town for a few days (to a studio this time!) to make sweet music with none of the usual day to day distractions!

We're still playing the occasional live show so keep an eye on our current listings for a few of our faves.

Plan is to launch our new baby in September then head off out into the world and share it with folk as far as we can make it in OZ in 2017 and follow on to Europe in 2018

BIG dreams!!

.... keep on dreaming, dancing, playing, laughing and loving life and thank-you all for all of your support - as ever, we are truly grateful x